Monday, June 11, 2007

Welcome to my online teacher portfolio

As this school year ends across America and a good portion of the planet, many arts teachers are collecting the various materials gathered in graduate school, high school and middle school classrooms, from our own bodies of work and from a lifetime of exploring art so that we may compile it all in interesting, intelligent ways for our teacher portfolios. This is what I am now doing, only, for the first time since I began this process, I will be posting the artifacts I have created and collected on this blog site.

This online portfolio will include student art work, my own art works and writing, various lesson plans and accompanying materials, sample curricula, photos and all essential documents which will be useful for schools and those folks who are interested in my career and progress as a teacher in New York.

Hats off to all those students who contributed work to this portfolio...


Teacher Statement

As a teacher, it is my duty to study and record the state of arts throughout the world, incorporate the arts of the past, develop innovative curricula, collect good materials, photograph and compile photo reference and continue to create my own art; I am left with an overabundance of documents, boxes of materials and various artifacts which I would like to share through my teacher portfolio. I have gleaned through it all and organized the best aspects for your perusal.

Though I am comfortable teaching all traditional art mediums, painting, drawing and cartooning/comic book design are my areas of expertise. I am also interested in teaching Photoshop, Illustrator and Computer Aided Drafting applications. Since receiving my Masters degree from City College in 2006, I have dedicated myself to the teaching profession with a commitment to providing every student with a well-rounded education in the arts. As a full time Per Diem teacher at the High School of Art and Design, where I taught illustration, Computer Aided Drafting, and introductory computer art classes, I acquired essential classroom management and disciplinary skills, continued to improve my curriculum and lesson plan writing and built relationships with fellow teachers and administration. In addition to teaching art during the school year, I also teach a comic book design program which I founded for the town of Islip Community Affairs Department on Long Island during the summer.

I strive to maintain an atmosphere in the classroom in which students are encouraged to create art unhindered, while complying with the rules, guidelines, principles and culture of the school, class and the world outside. I would like to develop a curriculum with an administration open to experimentation, discussion and inclusion of modern trends in the art world. Interdisciplinary projects and socially and environmentally responsible content in lessons are central to my teaching style and beliefs. While I seek to build a classroom, curriculum and student body which can fully make use of all old and new mediums and art disciplines, and learn through experimentation, I am comfortable with the recommendations and established principles and working methods of each school and administration.

The work posted above was created by my 9th grade classes at the High School of Art and Design. I sat as the model on numerous occasions in elaborate costumes.

Recommendation from Elma Reingold, AP Art
High School of Art and Design